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About me

As a teenager, when I went to museums and historical places, the magic of myth and history attracted me, and I imaged the characters and images of them in my mind and this made me interested in art

I am Sahar Khaleghi was born in 1988 in Tehran. Begun my studies in Graphic design at art school in 2005 then I have continued this subject at university with an Associate degree, in following, I have received my bachelor's degree in 2014 and my master's degree in 2017 in the same major in Illustration.

My first group exhibition was in 2014 at the Maryam art gallery in Tehran, since then, I have exhibited in various countries collectively such as Germany, Turkey, Greece, and China. I have received a specified award of, The 5th Gold Panda International Cartoon and Illustration, in China in 2018.

Also, I am a permanent member of Iran’s Illustrators Association since 2015 and I have been present in many exhibitions and workshops which was held by this association.

The magic of myth never left me therefore I have created a lot of work on this subject as a result my university's final project was a look at "the effects of Mesopotamian myths on Lorestan bronze Motifs" and I have written a dissertation on this subject and created ten frames for this subject.